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industrial continuous sealers

Continuous sealers are used to unite thermoplastic films. We talk about sealing or welding because the effect of heat creates a combination between two materials.

Decisive for a secure welding process is the arrangement of the individual processes. For small bags of ‘normal’ thick film, a continuous welder with a sealing station is sufficient. The bag is inserted by the operator and passed by the continuous welder at all subsequent stations. It is followed by a welding station with a continuous heating, an adjustable auxiliary pressing unit, a cooling bar for a fast seam strength and a repeated pressing unit of the weld.

If larger bags or thicker film structures are to be welded, we offer the following process steps with our ‘large’ continuous sealer:

• continuous heating 1
• Continuous heating 2 with 1st cooling
• 2nd cooling unit
• press unit

With two consecutive welding units, very thick foils or composite materials can be welded at different temperatures. Due to the length of the welding units with lower temperatures can be worked, which benefits the appearance of the weld. Wherever a lot of energy is required, it must be removed again for fast seam strength. Therefore, this industrial continuous welder has two cooling stations and following a further adjustable press unit for the weld. Optionally also for the welding of bags with zipper.

Process security for your seal.

horizontal continuous sealer
continuous sealer with height adjustment for different bags sizes
continuous sealer with Ink-Jet printer and for bags wih Top Slider
bag insert

Our continuous sealers are designed for industrial use. Process reliability and reliability, partly under adverse conditions, are paramount. Speed up to 20 meters per minute are possible. Bags are welding continuously.

We are happy to weld your sample bags for you as well.

Our continuous welders can be a component of a whole line and can be used flexibly. From us you get the entire unit from the feed hopper / belt, over the dosage and labeling to the said welding system. All from one hand.

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